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I carried out a 3 year apprenticeship before completing my training at college in Royal Leamington Spa, where I qualified with distinction.
Since this I have worked for some of the UK’s foremost designer making works including Robin Furlong and Waywood Furniture creations.

By taking the elements from my inspiration and formulating them into tangiable objects I bring wood to life, working from sketches to full size working drawings where I turns those dreams into reality.

I prefer to not to be restricted to any one style but likes to maintain a contemporary edge. Having been lucky enough to work with so many talented people, I have been able to develop an appreciation for detail and proportion.

I stamp my subtle trademark signature to all pieces with the font 'formal ms'. 

My artistic flair and enthusiasm often flows over into all aspects of my life, sketching my thoughts into geometric patterns, or dancing around the silhouette of a classic aeroplane.
I appreciate the Arts and Crafts movement including William Morris, Gordon Russell and C.R. Ashby, although I can produce bespoke contemporary or more traditional design furniture to suit your requirements.
Natural curves and textures such as rippling water or the scales and curves of a fish broaden my vision and all these elements are brought together to form the next stage.

Choosing the correct timber to match the inspiration, and carefully crafting it through a series of traditional and modern techniques enables truly unique items of fine furniture to be produced fuelled by a passion for fine craft.

For handmade, handcrafted stylish pieces of furniture, built to the highest standards contact Thomas Eddolls fine furniture maker today.


About me
How did I get here
What inspires me

Shaped work either in solid wood laminating or steam bending

Fine hand craft 

Furniture design either contemporary or traditional

Solid wood furniture making

Veneering and veneered furniture making

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